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Why Most "Core Training" Is A Waste Of Time

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Have you ever found yourself, or observed others, tirelessly engaging in an abundance of core exercises, hoping for that elusive flat belly, only to see minimal results? Many of us have been there, questioning why our dedicated efforts aren't yielding the desired outcomes. In this exploration, we'll delve into the reasons why most people fail to achieve their core fitness goals despite investing significant time and energy into abdominal workouts.

The Core Dilemma:

For many, the primary motivation for core training is to achieve a well-defined, flat belly. However, a critical obstacle often stands in the way – a layer of body fat covering the abdominal muscles. Regardless of how much you work those abs, the fat on top hinders any visible progress. It's essential to recognize that working a muscle under a layer of fat won't magically make that fat disappear. Moreover, overtraining the abdominal muscles might exacerbate the issue by adding muscle mass, potentially pushing the fat out further.

The Fat-Burning Imperative:

Rather than intensifying core workouts, the key lies in addressing stubborn belly fat. This fat tends to cling to the abdominal region stubbornly, making it the last to go. While various fat-loss strategies exist, the fundamental principle remains simple: consistently burn more calories than you consume. Implementing this principle intelligently and staying on track until the goal is reached is the real challenge, as many falter due to poor programming or lack of proper guidance.

A Smarter Approach:

Instead of dedicating extensive time to core training, consider incorporating more compound exercises or high-intensity training into your routine. These approaches burn significantly more calories than traditional core exercises, promoting overall fat loss. Personally, I allocate just 1-2 core exercises twice a week. The rest of my regimen revolves around robust compound resistance training, sound nutrition, and surprisingly, zero cardio. For comprehensive guidance on achieving your leanest and healthiest self, check out my Fat Burning Essentials E-Document at the bottom of this page.

Exceptional Cases:

There are, however, instances where more than a few core exercises per week might be warranted. If you identify as someone with an exceptionally weak core, targeted training a few times a week (around 15 minutes each session) can be beneficial. Similarly, bodybuilders or individuals with low body fat aiming for enhanced ab definition may opt for extra volume. Remember, everyone possesses a six-pack, but achieving that chiseled look requires a thoughtful and strategic approach.


In the quest for a sculpted midsection, it's crucial to shift the focus from endless core exercises to a holistic strategy that addresses overall fat loss. By understanding the intricacies of abdominal training and tailoring your approach, you can unveil the results you've been working so hard to achieve.


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